david buchs


A Brooklyn based composer with music in over sixty episodes of television, David Buchs (formerly writing as 'Anapauo') produces contemporary ambient music for the meditative listener. Using sparse instrumentation, slow tempos, and long sustained notes, David creates a musical atmosphere that is both peaceful and consoling. Each track is composed of recordings and samples from bowed viola, piano, electric guitar, and voice that are transformed through digital and analog processes into layers of organic and synthetic ambient sound. The result has been said to sound something like a cross between Stars Of The Lid, Tangerine Dream, and Steven Roach. His meditative sound has been featured in the directed meditations of Edward Vilga’s Daily Ohm course “A Year To Get Rich With Purpose”, which has been downloaded over 20k times and the RAW Travel Show.

In his first EP, Visions, David explored melodic ambient downtempo music using a collection of recorded sounds that were sampled and stretched for performance on keyboard. Visions was featured in 'A Year To Get Rich With Purpose' on The Daily Ohm, a course of audio meditations created by Edward Vilga which has been downloaded more than 20,000 times.  Visions has also been used in Edward's meditation videos for Every Day Health and on the reality show RAW Travel. 

In his second EP “Dreams”, due to be released September 28, David sets out to create an album void of rhythmic instrumentation, focusing solely on layers, pads, and melodies created during his first EP, “Visions”. In Dream 1, the listener can hear sounds mostly comprised of voice and viola drifting sleepily through a single repeated phrase. Dream 2  uses recordings of a piano and electric guitar playing a single melodic line with sampled instruments weaving between them. Dream 3 is filled with pads and samples of voice, electric guitar, and viola that sound like something out of the movie “Legend”. The final track, Dream 4, is the only track with a pulse that moves slowly and asynchronously to a stark melody, resulting in something reminiscent of Brian Eno’s “Music For Airports”.

With this collection of downtempo soundscapes, listeners may be able to experience sleep filled nights and peaceful meditations. An album that can be put on repeat for hours.


“I’ve found in David Buch’s music an ideal partnership for creating guided meditations.

His music is beautiful and profoundly soothing in and of itself, telling its own story of serenity and transformation, while also offering incredible depth when added to my inspirational spoken word meditations.

These guided meditations have reach over 20,000 people to date, with many thousands from all around the world telling me they listen to them on a daily basis. David’s music offers listeners a beautiful and unique way to turn inward, reconnect with their spirits, and emerge refocused, refreshed, and completely revitalized.” -Edward Vilga, “A Year To Get Rich With Purpose”

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