David Buchs

Suffering from burn out  after a ten-year church planting experience in Manhattan, David sought out contemplative Christian practices to help rejuvenate his soul. This pursuit began to influence his music writing, which had been  predominantly musical underscore for reality television. David began imagining a music he could listen to while sitting in silence and practicing Imaginative Prayer, a Christian contemplative practice. Imagining this 'underscore' of the inward journey gave him license to experiment. He started creating slow, meditative music with electric guitar, viola, and sampling software.  He asked two of his music industry friends to listen to the complete track, and they found the music to be ethereal and relaxing.

With this encouragement, David went on to complete three more tracks and release his first EP, ‘Visions.” He shared this EP with friends and invested in minimal marketing. A member of the NYC yoga community, Edward Vilga, took notice of the music and licensed it for guided meditations he was creating. The tracks were featured in his successful Daily Ohm course, “A Year To Get Rich With Purpose,” which attracted over 20k participants. 


In 2016 David completed his second EP, 'Dreams,' which he composed to create a more ‘recessed’ sound for reflective prayer and meditation.  While keeping a very similar approach and aesthetic to ‘Visions,” David removed all percussive elements so that the listener's attention would remain uninterrupted while praying and meditating. Dreams was again used by Edward Vilga for his guided meditations, as well as in Jared Boyd’s ‘Imaginative Prayer’ video series,  an episode of the ‘RAW Travel Show,’ contemplative church services, and radio stations.


In 2019 David began performing his music live. His first performance was at a contemplative retreat hosted by The 166 church during an Imaginative Prayer exercise. The experience was profound, as participants connected deeply to the guided scripture meditation and to the music that was helping them imagine the story.  Shortly after this performance, NYC yoga instructor Allison Dugala invited David to perform music for one of her classes at Unit 108 Yoga in Brooklyn. The performance was a success, and he was invited to perform for more classes. David used these performances as opportunities to create new pieces and observe how they impacted listeners and instructors in the class. He loved the connection he felt with everyone in the room while improvising the new material.


In his forthcoming release, 'Awakening,' David uses the material from these live sessions and adds cello melodies to each track.  Since there have been no session players available during Covid, David learned cello and recorded his performances for this EP.  David does not consider himself a performer, but hopes to play for live performances and create more music featuring cello in the future.